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   Friday, December 30, 2022  


 Dec. 29  2 for 3 on blue Marlin 1 for 3 on sailfish and 4 mahi mahi today 

Dec. 28    Catch 3 for 6 on sailfish 1 for 1 on blue Marlin and 5 mahi mahi today was back at the marina at 3 PM so the family can have the afternoon at the pool. 

Dec. 27  Little bad luck today.   good start but bad ending.  we started out with catching a double header blue marlin and stripes marlin.    Then we jump off a stripes marlin,  jump off a sailfish and miss a blue marlin so we ended the day missing a grand slam a couple of different ways. 

Dec. 26  2 for 5 on blue Marlin 5 for 8 on sailfish 1 for 1 on mahi mahi and 0 for 1 on stripes marlin today 

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:51 AM

   Tuesday, December 20, 2022  
Capt. Berto

 Berto has been on the Dragin Fly since before the beginning, helping James finish the boat.  He knows where every wire and hose is laid and he has as many hours on the Dragin Fly as Capt. James, who is on a much needed vacation this week.  

James took his family to Colombia....no, not South Carolina. 

It is easier for a Costa Rican citizen to sneak across the US border than obtain a valid tourist visa for the purpose of tourism, aka spending money in the USA.   Apparently owning a charter boat, owning a house, multiple properties and having a family, his ties to Costa Rica are deemed insufficient.  The United States is terrified that he will overstay his Visa.....but they are willing to charge him $350 for another interview to see if his situation has changed. 

The immigration system from top to the bottom is broken and will not be fixed by Presidential Proclamations.  Congress needs to get off their ass and fix the problem. 

No pics, but report from Capt. Berto: 

Dec. 16    13 tunas, 1 sail and 1 big blue marlin today

Dec.  17   12 dorado

Dec. 18    8 tunas, 4 dorado, 1 sail, 1 blue marlin

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 11:29 AM

   Thursday, December 8, 2022  
12/5 and 6


Catch a grand slam today and a lots of mahi mahi 


Catch lots and lots and lots of mahi today....

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 12:41 PM

   Friday, December 2, 2022  
last seamount trip of the season

 Better get booked for next year if you want to go,  looks like it is going to be a very busy season. 

Slow day yesterday only catch 1 blue marlin 1 stripes marlin. 1 sailfish and a lot of mahi mahi  move to a different fads last night much better day today  catch 9 for 12 on blue Marlin 1 for 1 on sailfish and a lot of mahi mahi 

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 7:14 PM




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