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   Wednesday, March 31, 2021  

March 30

 Little better today, 8 sailfish releases and a yellowfin tuna that did not get released

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 7:36 AM

   Tuesday, March 30, 2021  
March 29

 slow fishing today catch 4 for 7 on sailfish no tuna no mahi 

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 8:42 AM

   Sunday, March 28, 2021  
We had a great day today

We had a great day 6 sailfish one nice yellow fin tuna about 50 lbs and one blue marlin the guys had a great time he is looking forward to coming back


posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 10:37 AM

   Sunday, March 21, 2021  
Last day of last leg of Los Suenos Triple Crown

We started with a marlin and built from there.  Janes made a little move and we started picking again.  At 3:50 we were ahead for the daily by one fish after catching a quad, then half of a double header. Anna cried when she found out the lost fish cost us the daily when at 355 tony calls in a double header to take the lead

 We all missed one, so equally shared the blame.  

On the last day we were 13 for 17 bites on sails today and the marlin

 For this leg 38 for 67 bites and 2 for 2 on marlin

We were horrible yesterday, barely reaching double digits, but with 3 times as many chances, catching only a third of our strikes. 

Capt. James did a great job giving us our shots. 

This tournament determined winners of last year's Triple Crown and this year's Triple Crown.  Capt. Tony with Team Galati won both. 

Also this was two tournaments in one, determining the winners of last year and this year's Leg 3.  Tony won both. 

We ended up in 2nd place for last year and 3rd place for this year.  The second place boat did not fish last year so was not entered in that tournament.   Confused?   

Short of it, we done good. 


posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:51 AM

   Friday, March 12, 2021  
Lazy fish

 Fishing today was a little slow for us raised 14 had 9 bites catch 3 sailfish and 3 mahi mahi

some green water is pushing in, hopefully will get good again.

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 7:55 AM

   Wednesday, March 10, 2021  
Still a long ride


Great fishing today still have a long ride raised XX sailfish catch XX and three mahi mahi   

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:42 AM

   Monday, March 8, 2021  
No fences

 March 6, Man it was a tough day.   catch one blue marlin. one mahi mahi and two yellow fin tuna at the end of the day but very slow.   

March 7  today we used a lot of fuel but catch some fish had about 20 or more sailfish up catch 11 and 1 wahoo but that's a 60 miles run

Proud of Capt. James going to where he needs to go. 

That is the Dragin Fly No Fence Policy 

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 8:30 AM

   Sunday, March 7, 2021  
Double digits, tunas and jumbo dorado

 Good, consistent fishing. 

Lots of tunas, some jumbo dorado mixed with double digit days.    

Thankful to be going! 

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:46 AM




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