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   Saturday, April 23, 2016  

Dragin Fly OWC top charter boat

Sorry for the delay in reports, Anna beat me to it on facebook.

Day 3 was tough with offshore showers most of the day and the fishing slow, only 3 releases, but enough to keep us on the leaderboard.

On the final day Capt. James and the Dragin Fly were fighting neck to neck with Capt. Esteban on the Good Day 2 for the prestigious award as top charter boat.

We had several teams of Brazilians who fished with us this year practicing for the tournament and we were very proud of their performance.  We were cheering for Ricardo Pedrosa and Marcos Lips who finished 2nd and 3rd place as top teams from a field of 66 boats but they were edged out by Jerome McKilckin and his team from Trinidad and Tabago.

Many thanks to all the teams who participated and made this possible.


posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 10:28 AM

   Wednesday, April 20, 2016  
day 2

All day James was trying to play catch up with another boat who was mistakenly calling in their sailfish hook ups and their releases, so tournament control had them down for twice as many fish as they actually had.   At the end of the day, James' 9 sailfish releases added with 17 from the day before is good for 1st place going into day 3 of the Offshore World Championship and a field of  74 boats.
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 10:49 AM

   Monday, April 18, 2016  
OWC Day 1

Day 1 of the Offshore World Championship went pretty well.   2nd place of 66 boats.  Our team from Jamaica had a good time and had a lot of shots including a blue marlin.  They were good for 17 sails and 2nd place.   New team tomorrow, we'll see how they do.
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 10:12 PM

   Thursday, April 7, 2016  
Tunas are back

The tunas have returned with a good tuna bite this week and PLENTY of sushi.   Still raising double digit sails with lots more swimming on the surface, but they have been lazy.   Despite the slower sailfish bite, everyone is getting a couple turns on the rod with a billfish.
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:53 AM

   Saturday, April 2, 2016  
On the way to the awards banquet.......

.....to again congratulate the winners.  

In short, today we zigged when we should have zagged, but having to do it again, we probably would have made the same wrong move.   On day 1 we saw hundreds of sailfish on the surface, but they were not hungry and we only raised about 35 to the bait missing way too many of them.  The best part of it was that we were all by ourselves.   We just knew that if these fish fired off and if we were by ourselves when they did it, we had the opportunity to gain a lot of ground.

On Day 2 We were back in the same area, saw lots of fish that were very lazy.  Our hook up ratio still sucked, but we had enough bites to stay in the hunt, only 5 fish out of 2nd place.  

Today, we got back to the same area hoping to find all of those fish and hoping that today they were hungry, but everything had evaporated.   We hunted all over that area only catching a single or pair here and there.  Then it happened, just not for us.

The Jaruco charged out of the western fleet looking for another wave of sailfish coming over the horizon and they found them.   After calling in a quadruple header, then 5 at one time followed by more doubles and triples the fleet picked up and found them.   We were just too far out of position, nearly 70 miles away in the opposite direction.   We couldn't here the boat call in catches, only tournament control replying with confirmations.

All in all, we had a competitive season, beating many of the world's best boats on a lot of days, on other days finding out how much we still have to learn.  When it was all said and done, we dropped down to 18th place for this tournament and down to 10th place for the overall series.

Congrats to the Aggitator for winning this tournament and the series.   For this tournament our friend Mark on the Pelese came in second and our friends the Angel family appear to have locked in third place.
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:10 PM

   Friday, April 1, 2016  
Still in it.

For the final leg, we're still in the hunt for the leaderboard, only 5 fish out from 2nd place.  A big mountain to climb against the Agitator who is winning this tournament by about 15 fish and the 3 tournament series by a whole lot more.
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 8:57 PM  
Day 1 Report

The bite slowed yesterday from the crazy numbers we have been seeing, but I still had a double digit day, catching 11 of the 22 sails we caught on the Dragin Fly.   That's enough to be competitive, but not enough to be at the top.  We are 6 sails away from the leader, Capt. John Baylis on the Tarheel.

Two more days to go, maybe after today we can look over our shoulder instead of up the hill.  
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 6:20 AM




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