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   Wednesday, July 30, 2014  

The complete report

Blue Marlin Fly Fishing, School Report
July 27, 28, 29, 30, 2014

Greetings from Los Suenos Costa Rica:

July 27, 2014: Roy Cronacher, and I, met up with mates Marcos and Alberto, along with Captain James, at the Los Suenos marina, at about 12:30 PM. We boarded "Dragin Fly", and headed out of the marina at about 1:00 PM, the plan was to run for an hour at twenty four knots and then slow down to 7 1/2 knots and troll to "Destination Blue Marlin-X" (BM-X), which we should reach just before daylight the next day. As we put out our teasers shortly after 2:30, we raised a sailfish, Roy made a good cast  (pink and white Cam Sigler popper fly) and ten minutes later we released a 70 pound sailfish on fly to get the skunk out of the boat.  Later, We raised a small Blue Marlin, it teased to the boat, however it refused to bite on the fly which Roy presented. At 7:00 PM we had homemade Lasagna for dinner along with Ice Cream for our desert, and then went to sleep.

Roy Cronacher releasing firstSailfish of the trip
July 28, 2014: We awoke at 4:30 AM to the smell of sausage, eggs and freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee. At six AM we put out our teasers, Roy hooked his first Blue Marlin at 7:00 AM, fought it for 5 minutes then broke it off. Next  at 7:45, Roy asked me to show him how it's done, I made a good cast and right away that 250 pound Blue Marlin came out of the water and gobbled my pink and white Cam Sigler fly,  23 minutes later I caught and released that awesome fish. On the 9th fish that we raised, Roy got a good bite from a 150 pounder, it ran way out, went deep, and stayed there for about 6 minutes. Then the marlin charged to the surface, jumped and broke the 20 pound class tippet. after a couple more raise with no bites, a red hot 200 pound Blue Marlin charged in and ate a great cast which Roy made, unbelievable but the class tippet got cut by the gill plate of  marlin on the eleventh jump, it was gone. We continued to raise marlin however, they were spooky and hard to get a bite from, then at 2:30 PM I caught and released a 125 pound Blue. The total score for today when we quit fishing was 24 Blue Marlin raised, five of them bit our flies, and we caught and released two awesome Blue Marlin on fly. We got a hot shower, ate fresh yellow fin tuna, shrimp scampi, along with fresh green vegetables for dinner, went to sleep at 8:00 PM.
July 29, 2014:  After breakfast at 4:30 AM, we pulled the sea anchor, we had drifted six miles over night, so we had to run back to (BM-X) and we deployed the teasers at 6:00 AM. Today it was Roy's turn to achieve his goal, to catch a Blue Marlin on fly during this trip, we raised 5 blue marlin before 7:30, then Roy hooked, fought and released his first Blue Marlin on fly before 8:00 AM. At 8:40, Roy caught and released his second Blue marlin of the trip, and of his life. Then by 9:40 AM we had raised 16 Blue Marlin, and I released a 140 pound Blue on fly, my third of the trip from three bites. We  kept raising marlin but they were finicky, hard to get them to bite, at 1:30 I raised, cast to and caught a red hot sailfish on fly. Next after a couple of misses, Roy caught a nice 200 pound Blue Marlin on fly, his third of the day and third of our trip. Later we raised another sailfish, I made the cast and caught my second sailfish of the day. Today the final score was 37 fish raised, Roy caught 3 Blue Marlin from 7 bites, while I caught one Blue Marlin and two Sailfish on fly from 3 bites. After a great meal and hot shower we went to bed at 8:05 PM.
July 30, 2014: We headed in early in the morning, it is a long trip but we had enough fuel to run at cruising speed for close to four hours, which got us back to the dock here in Los Suenos Marina by 3:00 PM. Our trip was awesome, James is an awesome captain, while Alberto and Marcos not only are very good fly fishing mates, this crew loves their job. George and Anna Beckwith run a first class operation and we have developed a world class team here to operate my Blue Marlin fly fishing schools.  The Blue Marlin were finicky at destination BM-X, however, we fished two full days, with two travel days spent heading out and getting back in to the marina,. During our two days of fly fishing for Blue Marlin, we raised 61 Blue Marlin, and 3 Sailfish, We managed to get bites from 12 Blue Marlin, Roy caught and released three Blue Marlin on fly from 9 bites, and one Sailfish from one bites, I got 3 bites from Blue Marlin, and caught all three, also I got 2 Sailfish bites and caught them all. Total trip Score 6 for 12 on Blue Marlin on fly, and 3 for 3 on Sailfish all on 20 pound test tippet on fly. Now Roy and I are going to hit one of the great restaurants here at the Los Suenos Resort, and then get a good night sleep. I love my Job, wish you were here, stay tuned for more fly fishing reports and pictures from this trip. This fishing should remain good for at least one more month, if you have dreamed about catching a Blue Marlin on fly, this is the best opportunity ever, give me a call I have a few days still available.

Jake Jordan
Jake Jordan's Fishing Adventures
PO Box 309
Havelock, NC 28532
252-444-3308 Office
305-872-6060 Cell

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 8:14 PM  
Wow, another amazing FAD trip

The Dragin Fly just returned from another 3-night FAD trip.   In two days of fishing, they raised 61 blue marlin, fly fishing only, they caught 6 blues on the fly and 3 sails.    You ready to sign up?

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 6:08 PM

   Wednesday, July 23, 2014  
Bottom fishing.

Grouper for dinner

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 7:25 AM

   Sunday, July 20, 2014  
Green Season Report

Yesterday they got the tunas, but not much on the billfish, today was a different day . 
"Much better today  four for seven on blue marlin two for two on sailfish & two mahi mahi great day for the  green season" ----Capt. James

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 5:05 PM

   Thursday, July 10, 2014  

5 for 8 on sailfish today ........ Marcos is our AFTCO mate of the month


posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 11:32 PM




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