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   Sunday, December 29, 2013  

From Capt. James

One more marlin today again 4 sailfish 4 yellowfin tuna between 80 lbs & 100 lbs 6 mahi mahi
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 8:59 PM  
Dragin Fly Marin Streak

"Still got that marlin sreaks going 2 for 3 on blue marlin,  2 sailfish,  2 mahi and one nice size yellowfin tuna.  great day of fishing"   Capt. James
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 1:33 PM

   Thursday, December 26, 2013  

Raised 3 malin today,  jump one off,  had one window shopper and catch one....also  12 sailfish & one mahi
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:49 PM

   Monday, December 23, 2013  
fishing today

Another great day of fishing raised 31 sailfish and one blue marlin pull the blue of catch 21 sailfish
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 7:50 PM

   Sunday, December 22, 2013  
Last couple of days on the Dragin Fly

Catch 1 for 2 on the blue today and 12 sailfish

Yestarday we raise 2 stripe marlin alberto sancocho one and marcos the other one,   lost  2 big yellowfin tuna broke a leader on one and pull the hook on another one after an hour long fight but we did catch a nice yellowfin and 6 sailfish & 3 mahi mahi
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:30 PM  

6 for 12 on sailfish yesterday and 2 for 2 on mahi the guys was happy had fresh fish for dinner
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 7:28 PM

   Monday, December 16, 2013  
Pics from last week

Jake Jordan giving the boys a lesson on fly rigging and a lesson on how to let a marlin run!

Stripey with a face full of fly. 

I love fly fishing, but I also like blood and when we find the tunas, there will be blood.   I made the mistake of putting this one in the box, she was a little too big and beat the hinges off. 

posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 12:55 PM

   Sunday, December 8, 2013  
Nail biter

It was a nail biter all day and great competition on and off the boat.  Each day offers opportunities at daily prices for overall points, most sailfish and most marlin, so despite anyone's standings, everyone should be out there fishing to win.

 By the rules, Dwight and myself are the only ones allowed to deploy our baits, we are limited to 3 rods each until one of us hooks up and we are not allowed to receive or give each other any favoritism or to steal bites from each other.   Some of the best competition in the tournament was between me and him right there on the Dragin Fly.

I started off with a slow pic, landing 3 of 4 bites, whereas Dwight was having a tough time, hooking only 2 for 7.   Things slowed a bit and Dwight and I were scratching our head as to why James was leaving some decent fishing.   He was following a blip of birds on the radar about 4 miles away that ended up being the motherload.

Things started picking up and suddenly I was 6 for 8 and in contention for some dailies, then it got crazy,  10 sailfish piled in our spread at the same time.   I hooked 3 of them, Dwight hooked 2.   Unfortunately, two of my 3 ended up jumping off.    Within minutes of those releases we were both doubled up again, I think that I landed 3 or 4 doubles for the day.

When James called in this round of releases the rest of the fleet picked up and started steaming to us.   By the time they got to us, I was in the lead for the daily with Dwight as my closest competitor, then I hit a slump.   I don't know what happened, but I missed 5 good bites in a row and was feeling pretty low as the other competitors began to walk away from us.

I was standing on the back of the boat taking a leak when the flat line clip on which I was urinating popped, the bait on  the other end was attached a 200 pound blue marlin, that I landed, putting me back in the game.   If I could hold it together and tally up some sails, with the numbers that James was raising, I was still in contention......then I missed the next 6 sailfish bites from my side of the boat.

I connected on a couple and felt like I was getting back into my grove, needing only 2 sailfish to take the lead for the day with only 20 minutes to do it, when it happened.  A pack of sailfish wiped us out again.   I hooked a double from my side and Dwight hooked a single.   With both of my fish taking drag from the rod holders I left them to try and hook a 3rd that was chewing on the right flat line but could not connect.   When I turned around and went back to the two that were waiting for me it was a mess.   Dwight's fish was jumping over both of my lines and cut off one of my fish.

In short, any of the 15 sails that I sancochoed, missed, jumped off or broke off the line on the final day had the opportunity to be a $10,000 fish.  I feel really bad for letting my crew down, but I did get a nice trophy for 3rd place.

As a boat, Dragin Fly was 7 fish ahead of the 2nd place boat,  Sea Angel, on which, Austin Angel was fishing with his dad, Greg.

Congratulations to Austin Angel for the 2nd time winning the WBS Grand Championship.  He is one heck of an angler who missed only a couple of fish on the last day.  Austin had 1800 points for the day and 4100 for the tournament.  There is no telling how many fish that he would have caught if he were fishing on the Dragin Fly!
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 5:28 AM

   Friday, December 6, 2013  
One more day.......

Wow.  That was a long afternoon.   Only 3 light bites and missed them all in the last 4 hours of fishing, jumped one off in the morning and caught 6, getting knocked way back in the standings........I only need an unanswered grand slam to get back in the lead.   I've seen stranger things happen.   There are a lot of marlin out there, we didn't get a bite out of either blue marlin that we raised today.  

One more day.......
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 9:17 PM

   Thursday, December 5, 2013  
I caught a Grand Slam today

Small stripey, 3 sails and a nice 250+ pound blue marlin, good enough for first out of a 3-way tie.

Two more days, competing against the best in the world.   I just hope to capitalize on the opportunities that James gives me.

More to follow, or you can follow at www.wbs.com


posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 7:55 PM

   Wednesday, December 4, 2013  
3-day fly clinic on the Dragin Fly with Capt. Jake Jordan


Last day on the fly

I love fly fishing and watching billfish crash a fly at 25 feet from the transom, especially the marlin,  but I am done taking the meat away from them.   We raised another grand slam yesterday, the blue didn't eat the fly, but he was all over those teasers and very cool to watch.   Several other shots at sails, Jake caught one of them.   Then the Snake caught another striped marlin.   Very cool, but there will be no pink feathers behind the boat today.....or tomorrow the first day of the tourney.


The clinic continues......

Capt. Jake Jordan did it again today, catching another sail on the fly, then a striped marlin on the fly!    His shot at a grand slam on the fly was impeded when I just couldn't get that teaser out of the way of that blue marlin.    Great day.   We raised 6 sails, 2 stripes and a blue.  


Sailfish Clinic

Got here OK in CR, first day on the boat, I hooked several sails and passed them off to Sam and Rhonda, I'm supposed to be practicing for the tourney at the end of the week.....but with Capt. Jake Jordan on the boat to teach us how to do it right on the fly, we broke out the long rods for the last couple hours and it didn't take long.   First fish up and Jake shows us how to do it, hooking and landing him on  the fly.   I like his system.   Few minutes later a double header......of course Jake hooks his and I bust mine off, both on the fly.    More of that tomorrow.....
posted by Capt. George Beckwith at 7:02 AM




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